Thursday, May 1, 2014

Days 49 and 50: Dog-walking, Story-slamming

April 18, 2014

"Funny thing about the sun," I told my friend as we watched it be cradled by the tip of the hills and then finally disappear from view, "is that I don't mourn its departure. I always trust it will come back. Right there." And I pointed to the east.

April 19, 2014

(When I saw Gareth in the hospital, it was pointed out to me that every time I spoke to him, his heart rate went up to 111. I'd stop and it would go back down to the 80s. I spoke again- back up to 111. Since then, the number 111 has been showing up from time to time and I always think of Gareth when it happens.)

I don't have the energy to go on the dog walk. I don't feel good. I'm too sad today. I don't even think I have enough time. What time is it, anyway? *checks phone. Sees 1:11.* Ok, fine, Gareth. I'll do it. On my way, then.

April 19, 2014

Met this little weasel today at KAPS shelter in Daegu. Not sure it was a match, but fun nonetheless.

We may be exchanging vows here, looked on by an impressive crowd of older Korean men, who have apparently never seen something like this in their park before.

I have a couple of universe-given sisters in Korea. Rachel is one.

Tutu provided by my friend Paulina. Upright dog provided by KAPS shelter in Daegu. (No adoption. Just a walk.)

April 19, 2014

First time telling a story at an open mic story slam. Theme was "And I Was Never The Same Again." Not only did I not poop myself, but it felt great. An audience full of amazing people and stories before and after mine that were phenomenal. Moving and entertaining. I loved it. Wow, wow, wow Rachel Mikolajczyk, Paulina Foks, David Mansell. You have mad storytelling skillz.


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